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  • LICHI Simply Glowy Set

    LICHI simply glow set
    For dark shiny skin, brighter caramel skin and smooth chocolate skin tone..
    1 signature PUMCARROT bar soap
    1 brightening hydrating body butter
    1 brightening face cream
    1 emulsified scrub
  • LICHI Skin Brightening Serum

    Fight blemishes, acne prone skin and clear spots.
    Niacinamide: protects from future damage by strengthening your skin’s barrier.
    NAG: NAG increase collagen production, increase moisture content of the skin, increase elasticity of the skin, increase exfoliation, and increase the speed of wound healing.
    How to use
    On a Cleanse and tone your face.
    Apply a few drops of the vitamin c serum for face with hyaluronic acid to your skin, allowing it to dry.
    Follow up with a moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup.
    Repeat day night, and whenever you want to replenish your skin.
    Size: 30ml
  • LICHI Trace

    LICHI TRACE a Unique fragrance mist with some blend of essential oils and plants fragrance
    Trace is fresh on the skin and keeps your confidence up all day long.
    Directions :
    Hold bottle six inches from your body and spray on your neck and wrists, then mist the air above your head and walk through it for a lasting impression.

    Size: 100ml
  • Magic Face Dew Toner


    LICHI Face toner help balances the skin ph level, smoothens rough skin and prevent acne.

  • Turmeric cream Face Mask

    turmeric cream face mask will detox your skin, unclog your pores, while also soothing your skin and tightening your pores.
    Masks are a must in any skin ritual. Our mask works great for virtually all skin types, even sensitive skin!