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  • Full face set

    LICHI full facial set is for Acne skin, rough skin, pigmentation and dullness.
    1 brightening face cream
    1 vitamin c face scrub
    1 facial clay mask
    1 b- magic bar soap
    1 face toner


    Signature herbal lightening oils is a blend of natural skin loving oils and essential oils that Can significantly soften, moisturizing and lighten up the skin. Helps clear scars, lightens, blend dark knuckles and patches.



    intense lightening set: For 1/2 shades lighter
    Recommend for dark/ light who wants to get 1/2 shades lighter. Results takes 4/8 weeks Leaving you clean and knuckles free with a healthy glowing skin.

    Intense lightening Set contains:

    Glutarum body wash 5000
    Brightening body lotion 15,000
    Lightening face cream 5500
    Emulsified lightening Face and body scrub 5500
    Face toner 6000
    PUMPCARRI face soap 3500
    Herbal lightening oils 7500

    Full set
    With big lotion N40,500

  • Sale!

    LICHI Disinfectant Spray

    Multi-purpose disinfectant Spray cleaner.
    Germs, viruses and bacteria disinfectant that provides a simple effective solution to disinfect and clean most surface types.
    Application and Uses
    * Cafeterias & Kitchens
    * Day Care Centers
    * Hospitals & Clinics
    * Hotels
    * Nursing Homes
    * Restaurants
    * Restrooms
    * Schools
    Directions: Spray and wipe.
    Not Your Regular Disinfectant
    100% Maximum protection
  • LICHI Facial Clay Mask

    LICHI facial clay mask  will detox your skin, unclog your pores, while also soothing your skin and tightening your pores.
    Masks are a must in any skin ritual. Our mask works great for virtually all skin types, even sensitive skin!
  • LICHI Healing Combo


    Lichi healing combo for stretch marks, varicose veins and cellulite.

    Help diminish appearance of stretch marks, Acne spots and wrinkles.

    Decaf body polish which is made with raw organic coffee, tamarind and extracts for stretch marks, varicose veins, cellulite and polishing.

    Healing balm made with python fat, essential oils, cocoa butter and more..
    Design for stretch marks, varicose veins and cellulite..

  • LICHI Skin Brightening Serum

    Fight blemishes, acne prone skin and clear spots.
    Niacinamide: protects from future damage by strengthening your skin’s barrier.
    NAG: NAG increase collagen production, increase moisture content of the skin, increase elasticity of the skin, increase exfoliation, and increase the speed of wound healing.
    How to use
    On a Cleanse and tone your face.
    Apply a few drops of the vitamin c serum for face with hyaluronic acid to your skin, allowing it to dry.
    Follow up with a moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup.
    Repeat day night, and whenever you want to replenish your skin.
    Size: 30ml
  • LICHI Trace

    LICHI TRACE a Unique fragrance mist with some blend of essential oils and plants fragrance
    Trace is fresh on the skin and keeps your confidence up all day long.
    Directions :
    Hold bottle six inches from your body and spray on your neck and wrists, then mist the air above your head and walk through it for a lasting impression.

    Size: 100ml
  • Magic Face Dew Toner


    LICHI Face toner help balances the skin ph level, smoothens rough skin and prevent acne.