Baby gets hurt with your skincare products

how your personal skincare products might be hurting your baby!

As a mother who just went through the precious (exhausting) phase of birthing, many are worried about their skin complexion and how darker they have become within 9 months. Many will rush into skin bleaching or whitening just to gain back the confidence of a beautiful skin with the little knowledge of not knowing the effect it might hold on the beautiful baby.

Babies are softer, gentle and sensitive, believe me you can’t get enough of those tiny toes and sweet little facial expressions. But let’s face it, those first few weeks with a newborn can be overwhelming—especially if it’s your first time through it. With the mental breakdown and many hormonal issues to lace with it. But nothing can be as beautiful as the experience of motherhood.

Mother’s bond with their babies every minute.  But how safe is your baby in your arms?                             How sure are you that the product you apply is not hurting your baby? Not to scare you mama, please as you are busy nursing your baby be careful of what you apply on your skin.Whatever you’re using just be aware that your baby is also using it because as long as you carry your child you’ll transfer it to the baby skin.        So how safe is your baby and how safe are the skincare products you are using?

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